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The Fastest Site Builder Out There

Quickly pull a client’s existing content into the Duda platform with our patented import algorithm and build beautiful sites in seconds with our industry-original pre-designed site Sections.


“We can build amazing websites for our small business clients in less than half the time it took with WordPress..”

Brandon Klayman, Founder & CEO of Conscious Commerce

All the Features You Need

Duda provides you with all of the features you need to create modern, conversion-driving websites for your clients. Whether you build sites yourself or let clients create and manage their own, Duda’s industry-leading features will exceed expectations.

Drag _ Drop
Drag & drop interface
STATS & Analytics
Ready to use
One click
one-click ssl
Website editing
website editing by device
Hosted AWS
hosted on aws with 99% uptime
Unlimited storage
unlimited storage & bandwidth
Multi language

A Smarter Approach to Customer Conversion

A smarter approach

Real-Time Personalization

Create Amazon-style personalized actions on your clients’ websites. Simply select a trigger, such as time of day, to cater a website’s content directly to the individual needs of each visitor.

Engineered for SEO

Engineered for SEO

To make sure your clients’ sites are always right at the top of Google search results, Duda’s website builder gives you full control of your SEO, but applies many settings automatically and seamlessly in the background.

Full Flexibility for Designing Incredible Sites

Widget builder

Widgets builder

Use Duda’s widget builder to create, share and reuse widgets across clients’ sites as needed.

Dev mode

developer mode

Developers can easily access the code of any site on Duda in a robust, flexible environment.

Rest API

rest api

Seamlessly integrate the platform into your service and workflows with Duda’s versatile API

Beautifully Designed at Breakneck Speed